UFIND - Maatwerk in spoor1, spoor2 en outplacement Return to work
in Spoor-1, Spoor-2 and Outplacement.
Dutch "Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act" (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter) We believe in the power of your own people, even if they cannot do their work due to illness. Our approach is client-centred and customised, based on individual needs.
UFIND - Acceptance & Commitment Training Acceptance & Commitment
Individual or as a Team Research shows that employees who train their psychological flexibility through ACT show a significant improvement in work performance, job satisfaction and mental resilience, while work stress, absenteeism and burnout are reduced.

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Custum made

A customized program tailored to your employee because every person is unique.

Dedicated coach

Coach, networker and training in 1 person

ACT Coaching

Turn obstructive (negative) thoughts into positive action.

Short interventions

Short intensive counseling that retains energy.

UFIND Tailor-made Return to work, Outplacement and ACT training

More than 15 jaar of experience in track 1 and track 2

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