What is Outplacement?

If you’re new to the topic of outplacement, you might have a lot of questions about this benefit: What is outplacement? Who is it for? How can it benefit my company? Read on for answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

In the age of social media and employer review sites, the employee-employer relationship has changed tremendously. Gone are the days when employees stayed with an employer for decades, building their careers within a single company. Today, people switch jobs often—and publicly share their opinions about their employers on Social Media, especially when exiting the company.

This has made company transitions, such as layoffs and other involuntary employee exits, critical moments for companies concerned about brand protection.

So what is outplacement? Outplacement is an employee benefit afforded to workers who have recently been laid off from their jobs and seek assistance to transition back into the workforce. Learn more about out program below.

We are your outplacement specialist in case of individual dismissal or for small groups. (With a maximum of six people). We are a small team of experienced ‘return-to-work’ and outplacement specialists, who want to achieve results for your employee with a lot of positive energy and knowledge of the job market. We believe that coaching and training are important but not enough to achieve good results. Because our team has experience on different aspects, outplacement and recruitment, we achieve better results. We also offer our creativity, network, and come up with vacancies that fit or are inspiring. We love complexity. So candidates who don’t look so promising, or are placed in a difficult economic market are very welcome. We will prove we can take quite the challenge!

Individual program

Our approach is characterised by effective coaching based on the ACT method in the transition of dismissal and a practical approach focused on the job market.

Our coaching is customized, you can choose from a variety of topics

  • Individual coaching with the ACT method
  • Assessments – motivations – career choice
  • Training (application, presentation, networking)
  • Cover letter and resume building
  • guides on career-related topics, such as networking tips and personal branding
  • access to information and research about target companies
  • social media profile optimization

Because we are a small-scale agency, we can also guarantee an individual approach, with coaches who have all the requiring skills. The dedication of one coach, who goes through the entire process with the employee and offers continuity until the result is achieved, is also very important to us.


A custom program comes with a custom rate. We make a tailor-made proposal in consultation with you.

ACT Coaching

How do our coaches get your employee moving? We use the ACT method. The Acceptance & Commitment Theory of Steven C. Hayes. This is a relatively new form of coaching from the trend of positive psychology, which transforms negative thoughts into acceptance in order to come to a solution.

Our coaches are trained in this method and successfully apply it in ‘return-to-work’, career and outplacement issues. It is our experience that guidance through this method can focus more quickly on the actions needed to reach a solution that is supported by both employee and employer.

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