Spoor 2 – Return to Work

In the Netherlands as an employer there are specific regulations and steps to take in the reintegration of your incapacitated employee. To support you with information please read the UWV Werkwijze Poortwachter Quickstart in English. It draws your attention to the responsibilities you have: also with regard to the experts you call in. If you want a complete overview, we advise you to read the complete Werkwijzer Poortwachter (in Dutch), or go to Business.gov.nl

As an expert in Reintegration spoor-2 (Reintegration in a job outside your organization) we believe in the strength of your own people, even if they have dropped out due to illness.

Caring for your human capital by offering a professional program for your employee in an early stage of the disability process with the aim of resuming work outside your own company is a win-win situation for both you and your employee.

As a responsible employer you have done everything possible to retain your employee for your organization. But sometimes there are no longer options for your employee due to health problems or your employee’s limitations are too severe or complex to make adjustments in your own organization. In short, guidance to find new employment (a new job and a new employer) outside your organization is in order.

Every person has different needs therefore our return to work programs are always individually tailored. Because we are a small-scale agency, we can also guarantee an individual approach, with coaches who have all the skills needed. The importance of a coach, who is dedicated to your employee during the entire program until the result is achieved, is our priority.

Important features of our return to work programs are:

Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution. The easiest way to escape from the problem is to solve it.

Step -1

A tailored made program, created together with the employee and employer and if necessary the insurer to maximize opportunities for your employee.

Step -2

An internal organization that is enthusiastic and involved in the developments of the sick employee to another workplace. We do not only mean HR but also the managers and colleagues of the sick employee. A good goodbye is a good (re) start!

Step -3

A compact program. Nobody benefits from lengthy processes. A short, intensive and promising process makes everyone happier and all parties retain their energy. Our coach keeps an eye on progress!

We have experience on both sides of the Dutch job market: reintegration (return to work) and recruitment and are experienced in soft skills (coaching and creating movement) and technical skills (networking, creating and exploiting opportunities).

Because we are a small agency we can also guarantee an individual approach, with coaches who themselves have all the skills. The importance of 1 coach, who goes through the entire process with the employee and continues to provide continuity until the result is achieved, is our top priority.

Our positive and result-oriented attitude does not mean that we only want to guide promising people. We are at our best when it seems complex and difficult.


A custom program comes with a custom rate. We will make a tailor-made proposal in consultation with you.

ACT Coaching

Our coaches will use the Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT). This part of the return to work program guides an employee to accept and move forward through changed circumstances. The employee becomes ready to take the step towards new employment and job seeking, adopting their own personal motivation.

Our coaches are trained in this methodology and apply it successfully in reintegration, career and outplacement issues. In our experience, guidance through this method can focus more quickly on the actions that are necessary to arrive at a solution that is supported by the employee and employer.

Are you curious about the Acceptance and Commitment Theory method?

We have a legal background and thorough knowledge of laws and regulations in reintegration and absenteeism issues. As far as our reporting is concerned, we connect to your system, so that you can keep control over your absence file.

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